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Stay in The Loop: 3 Instagram Changes to Know

If your brand has a presence on Instagram, you must stay up to date on best practices and new updates of the platform so you can stay on good terms with the algorithm.

Here are the latest changes Instagram has gone through in the past few weeks and how you can adapt to them.

New Feed Types

Clicking on your name while you’re on your home screen will open up a drop-down menu that contains a few options, including…

  • Home

  • Favorites

  • Following

The Home option shows us what you and I have become accustomed to for Instagram feeds these past few years. You will see posts that Instagram thinks you will like from both accounts you follow and don’t follow.

The Favorites option will show you posts from the accounts you manually starred as your favorite accounts and for which you never want to miss a post.

And lastly, the Following option is the one EVERYONE has been asking to come back: it’s a chronological feed! In this view, you’re going back to what Instagram was like 5+ years ago. You will only see posts from the people you are following in chronological order.

Reels Are the REAL Deal

If you did not hear the news, Mark Zuckerberg said that TikTok presents some unprecedented competition to Facebook and Instagram.

Naturally, Meta’s algorithms are now geared to push the same type of content that TikTok is famous for, which is short-form videos. And yes, I’m talking about Reels here.

So if you didn’t start incorporating Reels into your content strategy, now is the time!

You can learn more about how to create winning Reels in this blog post I wrote a few weeks back.

Black-hat Tactics Will Cost You a Pretty Penny

Instagram doesn’t lack any bots or spam accounts, and they’re doubling down on their efforts in getting these accounts out of the way. So if you’re thinking of buying followers, buying likes, or participating in engagement pods, my advice would be to not do it!

Instead, invest time in developing relationships with your audience through manual engagement. Learn more about how you can do that by reading this blog post I wrote for you!

One can only expect that Meta, Instagram’s parent company, has more updates coming our way as they always have something up their sleeve. However, adapting to these changes I discussed in this blog post is a great way to start. If you have any questions about any of the updates I covered, send me a message!

You can email me at and I'll answer your questions as soon as I hear from you.

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