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The Truth About the Instagram Algorithm

Here's the thing: Instagram still values all metrics. Yep! It's true.

You have probably seen a lot of talk lately about Instagram changing their algorithm to value "saves" more than "likes."

Currently, all engagement -- saves, likes, comments, and sends -- carry the same weight. This means that by the algorithm's standards, these metrics are essentially the same in determining how your content performs.

But here's what HAS changed. With the introduction of newer features, such as saves and sends, engagement has changed in terms of how our audiences consume our content and determine its value. So, conceptually, your content can be viewed as more valuable if your audience feels it is worth saving and coming back to, or to send it to someone else, or share it to their own story.

We hope this has helped to clarify all of these mystical algorithm stories you have been hearing! The truth is, without seeing the codes behind the algorithm, no one will ever truly know the specifics that make up the infamous algorithm. #WeSaidWhatWeSaid!

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