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Memes and Pop Culture: Should You Introduce Them Into Your Social Media Content?

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Remember the “uncahhhh jams” phenomenon? Or Kim Kardashian telling you to get off your a*s and work?!

These moments created bits of audio that have been re-used by creators and brands over a million times on social media in video form.

With the much-found success of this type of content, it bears the question - should you introduce memes to your content strategy?

In my opinion, yes, if it fits your brand’s voice - meaning there is a place for humor. Here’s why…

Memes are highly-shareable content

There’s nothing on social media that gets more shares than memes. With saves and shares being a high indicator of engagement for Instagram’s algorithm, you would want to be creating content that caters to what Instagram wants. When you do so, Instagram will reward you with more reach, impressions, and engagement.

Memes allow you to join in on trends

Memes are a proven way for brands to harness the power of pop culture. Whether your favorite actor had an iconic moment at The Oscars or an artist had a moment during their SuperBowl performance that was caught on camera, that moment is about to be unleashed on social media.

But why should you care about harnessing the power of pop culture?!

The answer is simple: hopping on these types of trends will not only make your brand appear relevant and accustomed to modern times, but it also gives you the opportunity to piggyback off the traction that this pop culture phenomenon of the moment is getting.

Memes allow you to connect with your audience

Ever scrolled through your feed only to stop at a meme that makes you laugh out loud? Chances are, the meme that made you laugh is extremely relatable.

See, memes can do that for your brand - they can allow you to use topics you know your target audience cares about and connect with them over it.

In other words, you can use memes as a tool to execute a relationship marketing strategy.

Okay, so now that we covered why you should be incorporating memes into your social media content, let’s go over how you can do that exactly.

For starters, when you notice that a pop culture trend is arising, you need to act quickly because trends come and go. Time is really of the essence here.

With reels being the type of media that Instagram prioritizes in their algorithm, you should brainstorm ways you can make these trending audio bits work for your brand.

Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time for you to start creating. If you need help creating Reels, read this blog post I wrote a while back. I give you a step-by-step guide as to how you can create engaging Reels that will outperform static posts almost every time.

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