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LinkedIn: Recent Changes and Updates

Yep, LinkedIn has had a tremendous impact in the business world. From finding jobs to recruiting new hires to extending your social network, LinkedIn is an essential account that all business people alike should have and use regularly.

If you plan to use LinkedIn frequently, it's a good idea to stay savvy with their recent updates and changes. With our quick guide below to what’s new on the platform, you’ll be using the site like a pro in no time!

Layout and Added Space

In the new setup, the profile image has been moved to the left, giving more viewing room for a background photo where you can provide key information about your profile. Along with more spatial compatibility for a background photo, LinkedIn has added to the character count limit for the “see more” part of the summary section. This means you can add as much information about your profile in 300 characters (instead of 200 previously) so people will be more inclined to view your whole profile!


LinkedIn now has reactions that you can use on other people’s posts! Similar to what you’ve seen on Facebook, you can now use like, celebrate, love, insightful, or curious on the LinkedIn posts you see! This is just another quick way you can easily acknowledge your connections on the site!

Find Nearby

This feature is exclusively for use on the mobile app. Turn on your Bluetooth and tap the "My Network" tab at the bottom of the page, then tap "Find Nearby." This will allow you to find people in your network nearby that you may not usually have the opportunity to meet!

Native Video on Company Pages

This feature was initially only available on your LinkedIn profile, but recent updates have made it available to share with your entire network! Now you will be able to extend your reach and promote videos to your intended audience.


A fun part of today's social media use! With the LinkedIn mobile app, you can now use gifs in your messages as fun icebreakers or conversation pieces, and to display image-centric reactions.

For more questions about LinkedIn's updates and changes, please feel free to reach out:

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