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LinkedIn for Business Growth: A Quick Overview

Whether you are a brand new business owner or have an established business, determining which social media channels are appropriate for your business can seem like a daunting task. One platform you're probably considering is LinkedIn. This social media channel caters to business professionals, job seekers, recruiters, and networkers alike and could prove to house your target audience(s).

The Company Page

LinkedIn gives you the option to create a "company page," which is similar to the Facebook business page, allowing you to showcase your products and services. When creating a LinkedIn company page, filling in the framework and essential information such as business name, address, etc. is simple to do. However, adding content daily is where things can become a little more complex.

Although showcasing your products and services to increase your business's profitability is your number one goal, your content on your page does not always have to be promotional or sales-y in nature. The purpose of your LinkedIn page is to promote engagement and build relationships, rather than be a constant advertisement.

It is worthwhile to do some comparative market research and scope out what your competitors are posting. This can help you determine how you can craft your own content to resonate with your audiences and stand out in your industry. In addition to your products and services, consider sharing content about why you started your business, who you serve, and how what you offer can help someone.

The Personal Profile

Using your LinkedIn personal profile in conjunction with your business page can further your growth on the platform. On your personal profile, you can write and publish your own articles to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. You can also post additional tips and share your company page content with the rest of your connections. Encourage any employees or brand advocates to follow your company page and share the content onto their own personal accounts as well. Over time, this will help increase the number of followers and help build your audience.

Applying these tips will help you get started on building a successful LinkedIn company page and personal profile. If you are still unsure about where to begin, Morning Coffee Marketing is here to help.

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