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Instagram Ads 101: Best Practices for Creating Killer Ad Creative That Stops the Scroll

Small business owners, here’s the reason why your Instagram Ads aren’t getting the results you want: the ad creative isn’t so great.

Yep, it’s the cold hard truth.

You could have the BEST product or service in the world, but if your ad creative sucks… So will your click-through rate.

Here are our best practices for creating killer ads that will make your target market stop their scroll...

Follow Your Brand Guidelines

When you’re running ads, it is not the time to try out new colors and fonts.

To leverage brand recognition, you MUST use your brand’s color palette, fonts, and tone of voice. Or else, what would be the point of putting yourself in front of your target audience (and paying for it) if they can’t recognize you and distinguish you from your competitors?

Yeah, not much of a point.

Make Your Ad Stand Out

All while respecting brand guidelines now is your time to get creative. Brainstorm with your team (or do some research) on what type of story you want to tell with your ads, and how exactly you will stop them from scrolling past your ad on their feed.

Ensure Congruency Between Copy and Media Used

Your ad copy has to be congruent with the story you are trying to tell with your media. If it doesn't match, then the messaging will be all wrong and you won't be able to effectively communicate the message you are paying to get through to your target audience.

Video Vs Static Image; what’s best?

Video is the new king when it comes to content on social media. However, you’d be surprised with how much people still interact with static photos when it comes to Instagram ads. I sometimes see them perform better than certain videos do.

So my advice would be to test both ad formats out, and your target audience (or your data) will tell you which ones to go ham with.

Where to find inspiration

Now, I know it may feel a bit intimidating to create ads, especially when you are a small business in an industry with giant global competitors…

The good news is, we aren't in the ’60s anymore. You don’t have to organize a focus group for every creative campaign like Don Draper did in Mad Men.

Nowadays, you have all the tools you need to get that sort of information.

And the best way to do so is with Facebook Ads Library!

Not only does this tool permit you to stalk your competitors’ ads, but through a careful analysis of their creative, you can gain insight on their target market (which you share) of which giant multinational companies spent millions of dollars to acquire For example, you can pull some pain points from their copywriting.

Got questions? Need some guidance? Looking for someone to create killer ads for your business? Don’t hesitate to shoot me a text at 216-640-1319!

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