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How to Create a Content Strategy That Feeds Your Sales Funnel

If you’re in business, you’ve most definitely already heard of the term “sales funnel”.

While a sales funnel can be used as a tool to bring different pieces of the marketing mix to get a sale, it can also be used for one part of your marketing mix.

In this blog post, I’ll explain how you can create a content strategy that drives traffic through your sales funnel with the help of social media.

Awareness Stage - Top of the funnel

At this point in the sales funnel, your target audience doesn’t know who you are. Therefore, you need to work on a collection of strategies and tactics that will allow your audience to become aware of your brand.

In other words, your goal is the get in front of the most eyeballs possible that can potentially be a consumer of yours.

And you know what’s the best strategy to make that happen?

Focus on providing value to your audience through your social media content.

And I know what you’re thinking…

It can’t be THAT simple.

Well, it could be. You just need to know how to build a robust content strategy. And if you don’t, you’re in luck! Because I wrote a blog post that can help you do that. Click here to read it.

Interest Stage - Middle of the funnel

The next tier in the sales funnel is the interest stage. In this area, the goal is to take advantage of the interest or curiosity you sparked through your valuable social media content and warm-up that audience.

This means that the initial content that got your target audience to your account won’t be the same content that pushes them down the funnel. Now, you need to tweak your content a bit so that this segment of your audience can be pushed even further down the funnel.

For starters, your content should now revolve around the pain points that your audience has. While they are problem-aware (most prospects are), they may not be solution-aware. This is your opportunity to hook them and present your brand as the solution.

While you do this, make sure to push the benefits of your products or service if you’re a business-to-consumer brand. If you’re a business-to-business brand, start emphasizing the features of your product or service.

Once that is done, you can now ask for a soft call to action that doesn’t require a huge commitment from your audience. An example of this is asking them to give their email to download a freebie.

Decision Stage - Bottom of the funnel

At this point, your audience is warm enough and familiar enough with your brand’s services or products that they’ve made their way to the bottom of your sales funnel. They are now ready to make a purchase decision so it’s your opportunity to make your ask!

Make sure to incorporate call-to-actions both on your stories, your captions, and at the end of your carousels.

Before I leave you to get cracking on your social media sales funnel, I want to give a sort of heads up…

It’s important to remember that not ALL of your audience is at the same tier of the sales funnel. This means that you won’t have ALL of your audience taking massive action at the same time and every single time that you post a piece of content that targets a specific segment of your audience. Especially when it comes to content towards the end of your sales funnel, you will typically find that they generate a tad less engagement than content geared towards addressing the goals which are at the top of your funnel.

However, know that when you create a content strategy for social media that addresses all of the different stages of the sales funnel, you are investing time and energy into a system that is guaranteed to convert!

If you have any questions regarding how to construct a content strategy that feeds your sales funnel, get in touch with me!

You can email me at

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