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Google My Business Posts: Why You Should Be Using Them

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

If you’re looking for the simplest and most direct way possible to get in touch with potential customers, you’ve come to the right place!

Because yes, Google Business can already do SO MUCH for your business, but it can do even MORE when you utilize the posting feature.

Wondering how exactly investing time into this Google My Business feature can help? Here are a few benefits:

  • Allows you to directly communicate with your customers as they search for your business on Google

  • Improves your customer’s experience by providing information they are seeking in an easy, convenient, and timely mather

  • Allows you to promote your offers, products, events, and more

  • Allows you to engage with people who are searching for your business

So, now that you know the benefits are of getting posts up on Google My Business, let’s dive deeper into the different types of posts you can publish.


Got an event coming up soon? You can promote it here! Give people a time, place, and date -- and you’re set.

What’s New

Any exciting news you want to announce? Want to give an educational update on a service or product? Make a post about it so everyone who searches your business on Google knows about it.


Whatever product or service is that you’re selling, you can add them to your “Products” tab and have it show up as a post, which gives your products more visibility.


Have a limited-time coupon, deal, or promotion going on that you want customers to cash in on? You can definitely post it here.


Have any updates in regard to how your business is dealing with the pandemic? Unforeseen closures? Rules you want to share? You can share it here.

Alright, moving on! Now let’s tackle the actual content creation for these posts.

But before that, here’s something you need to keep in mind: these posts are different from the ones you would normally create for social media.


This is because people who will see these posts are ALREADY actively searching for this type of information and/or your business. So you can be straight to the point and deliver the information they need.

Now, let’s talk about the best practices when creating your post content.

Best Practices for Posts on Google My Business


You have a limit of 1500 characters per post. However, less is more on this platform so try to keep the word count low. You can be a lot more direct to get your message across.


Make sure your photos and videos are of good quality and show your products in a light you are proud of. Everyone who searches for your business on Google will see these pictures and videos.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Yep, with all of your posts, you get to pick a CTA from the selection they make available to you. Make sure to select a CTA that is representative of the goal you want to achieve through posting content on this platform.

Date Range

Certain posts types will ask you to provide a date range, such as Events and Offer. Make sure to input those so customers know when they need to act quickly.

And that's about it for posts on Google My Business! If you want to learn more about this, you can check out this link. If you need any help figuring this out, you can always shoot me an email at

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