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Facebook Business Manager: A Quick Beginner's Guide

Facebook is a wonderful social media platform that businesses can use to grow and manage their business pages and advertising accounts! Now, Facebook has a Business Manager tool that helps navigate through your various business pages. You’ll be able to get business-level insights and reports, organize multiple business pages, and manage the pages and who works on them -- All from one central location for free!

If this all sounds confusing, that's okay. We've created a quick and simple beginner's guide to Facebook Business Manager to help you get started.

STEP 1: Create your Facebook Business Manager Account

First, visit the Facebook Business site and create your account! Enter an account name and select a primary page to use. Step 1 is simple!

STEP 2: Assign Access Levels

You can add 2 different levels of access to Business Manager: Admin or Employee. An Admin is someone that has full access to your page, and an Employee is only given access to certain pages. To give access to either title, go to Accounts>Apps>Add>Admin or Employee.

STEP 3: Add your Pages and Advertising Accounts


You can add accounts a few different ways: You can add an account that you personally own, someone else’s ad account, or a brand new ad account.

If you are adding a client’s page to your Facebook Business Manager, you will click to request access to a page. The page will belong to the client, but you will have access to it in your Business Manager.

To add your Advertising Accounts:

Pages>Accounts>Ad Accounts

For this, you will need the client’s ad account number, which can be found by the ad account name in Ad Manager.


When you first set up your Facebook Business Manager account, the home page will show you the accounts that you have immediate access to. Just click on the page you want to view and go from there! Make sure you have added yourself to the page to begin working on them. You can view and manage people who are assigned to a page, and view everything you need to use to manage your pages and ad accounts in one location!

Facebook Business Manager is vital for keeping track of all of your pages and accounts that you manage in one location. It is easy to use, and best of all, free!

For more training or consultations on Facebook Business Manager, please contact us:

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