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Does Your Instagram Aesthetic Really Matter?

Do you obsess over the aesthetic of your Instagram profile content and layout? Because SAME. Seriously, I get it. We all want a beautiful and interesting profile. But does it really matter?

If you want the short answer - Yes it does. If you want all the details, keep reading below.

If your audience is actively visiting your profile, then your aesthetic is something you want to consider. Howeverrrrrr, if you have never thought about your aesthetic until seeing this blog post, you shouldn't be TOO worried.

While aesthetic helps your profile look, well, aesthetic, your profile arrangement overall doesn't have too much of a bearing on how well each of your individual posts performs (likes, comments, sends, saves, reach, etc.). So that's good news! BUT...

Here are a few things to consider about your aesthetic anyways:

  • Using the same filters/edits is another identifying factor for your audience because they can come to recognize your style

  • You still should want your colors to be reflective of your brand

  • Your aesthetic can help you feel more confident overall about your brand's voice (your personal brand and what that feels like to you!)

Now, here are where aesthetic trends are going this year:

  • Incorporating Reels: With the introduction of the wildly popular Instagram Reel, things just got a lot more creative and fun on Instagram! For your profile aesthetic, this means choosing from the appropriate Instagram filters and creating and selecting a custom cover photo before you publish. Orrrr, fun trick: You can even remove your Reel from being featured on your profile grid while still having it show up in your feed! Ask me how.

  • Storytelling: In an age where users are searching for brands via Instagram at a rapid rate instead of Google, your profile is basically just as important as your website. This means you'll want to seriously up your branding and start getting into visual storytelling. Is your grid cohesive and working to send a clear and concise message about your brand to viewers?

  • Animated Elements: Along with carousel posts that are heavy on the text, you can expect to see more animated elements among brands' profile grids. This could be very simple, such as flashing lights or a shooting star. And I'm not talking about super long IGTV video animations. Nope -- these are easy elements anyone can incorporate with fun apps like Canva, Pixaloop, or Adobe Spark!

  • The Minimalist Edit: AKA, the no edit-edit. We're bidding a fond farewell to editing tools like the hardcore saturation and other unrealistic elements. Instead, we're seeing more and more very slight edits, like slight color changes and lightly increased brightness. Why? Because brands want to be more authentic these days. This kind of editing helps to establish a more trusting relationship with your audience.

Did you love this blog? Are you ready to take control of your Instagram aesthetic? Please share! I would love it.

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