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Boost More Than Your Post with Facebook Advertising

It’s more than common these days for a small business to have their own Facebook Business Page, but the challenge is standing out among the competition using all of the tools Facebook provides. Our favorite? We love Facebook Advertising! Why? There are SO many reasons! You can get creative, be more personal, get a great value for the price, and attract thousands of prospective customers that you can’t find with just a regular Facebook post to your page.

Sure, you can invite your friends and family to “like” your business page, but what about after you’ve maxed out your personal sphere of influence? That’s where Facebook Advertising comes in. It’s a good option whether you’re on a tight budget or have plenty of marketing dollars to spare. With Facebook Advertising, you can reach a significantly larger audience that goes far beyond the people you know. For example, let’s say we run a $20.00 advertisement displaying your new corporate video for a duration of two weeks. We’ll estimate that your potential reach is right around 10,000 people. Did we mention the targeting options? You can target folks on Facebook based on their education, income, location, job title, residential profiles, spending habits, hobbies – just to name a few. All for $20.00? Does it get better than that? IT DOES.

Facebook offers you various types of advertising options with different marketing objectives. Some of these include boosting a post on your page, promoting your page to gain more “likes,” driving more traffic to your website, driving sales, and capturing leads. Facebook even optimizes ad specifics like the placement, cost per impression/cost per click, and times your ad is shown. This way, all you have to do is monitor your ad’s performance without taking too much time focusing on the nitty gritty details.

We understand this is a lot of information in one small blog. Luckily for you, Morning Coffee Marketing can design your very own strategic ad campaigns and run them for you. Or, we can teach you how to do it in-house. Let us introduce you to the world of Facebook Advertising so we can put your business in front of new faces!

Contact us today to discuss your marketing needs:

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