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5 Tips to Grow Your TikTok Following Today

At this point in time, you’ve definitely already heard about all of the “overnight success” stories that influencers and brands have been experiencing on TikTok. The virality is so real.

While the basic rules of content marketing like creating content that is valuable in some type of way for your target market still apply on this social media app, there are definitely a few other best practices that you can apply in order to hit your target market’s #foryoupage!

Here are 5 best practices you can use to help you start growing your TikTok account today.

Use Popular Sounds

The first way that you can grow your TikTok account is to use popular sounds. To use a sound that you like, simply click on the headline-like title at the bottom of the TikTok video that made you laugh out loud, and voila! You are ready to start creating with this sound.

By clicking on this sound, you will also notice that you can see all of the other videos that were created with that same sound. This means that using these sounds will give you the chance to appear in this dedicated section and potentially increase your reach.

TikTok even has a "viral" category as you browse through different audios to use with your video!

Hop on Trends and Challenges

The easiest way to figure out what is trending on Tiktok? Click on the “Discover” tab at the bottom of your screen, and there you go! This section of the app shows you which hashtags and sounds are currently trending AND shows all the content below those subjects that were created. Simply pick one of the hashtags or sounds that you think you could work for your brand and start creating!

Use Stitchable Content

While creating engaging content on Instagram is THE best strategy for growing your account, creating stitchable content on TikTok is the equivalent to posting engaging graphics on Instagram. Simply ask an engaging question and give your audience a call-to-action… which is to stitch their response to your video!

This method of co-creating is perfect for passively increasing your reach as other users can still click on your original video and visit your profile when they are viewing the stitched video.

Choose the Right Hashtags

Yup, hashtags aren't only for Instagram… they work wonders on TikTok as well! Although you won't be able to use 30 on TikTok like you can on Instagram. Best practice is to use 3-4 really good tags. So do a bit of research to figure out which hashtags you should be using on your TikTok videos! Other users will either be following the hashtags, actively searching for them, or TikTok’s algorithm will simply push content that contains the hashtags of interest to the right audience.

Post Frequently

Lastly, while Instagram’s key to success is to post consistently, TikTok’s is consistency AND quantity. According to a recent article by Social Media Examiner, posting content between 4 to 8 times a day “gives you a huge opportunity to reach many different types of audiences, which will help you grow your account more quickly”.

So there you have it -- My top 5 tips for growing your TikTok account! Have you tried any of these tips? What results have you achieved?

If you need help with developing a TikTok strategy for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

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