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Pressed for Time? Here's How You Can Keep Up With Your Social Media Presence

Keeping up with all the tasks you need to do for your business’s social media accounts can be overwhelming… especially when you have dozens of other business tasks that require your attention!

As a social media specialist, I can certainly sympathize with you when it comes to finding the time to keep up with all things social. But I've come up with a few tricks I'd like to share.

Below are some tips and resources that I use to save time, and they even help you grow your social media presence! Yes, even as a busy business owner.

Strategizing Phase

During this first phase, the one thing you need to do that will save you the headache later on is to establish your content pillars. These content pillars are basically the foundation of your social media strategy and ALL of your content should be created around these pillars. For example, content pillars for a Real Estate Broker could be: education, entertainment, and promotional.

When it comes to actually creating the content that revolves around these content pillars, I have a couple favorite go-to tips. If you aren't too pressed for time, Pinterest and Google results pages are great places to find out what people are searching for (yes, Pinterest is basically a visual search engine at this point!). I also love reading through comment threads on trending hashtags on Instagram. Facebook groups offer a great source of inspiration as well.

But if you have less time, simply use Answer the Public or Buzzsumo. It will give you PLENTY of trendings topics and questions that people in your niche are searching for. They give you a couple of search rounds for free, which are honestly enough for you to find the content ideas you need.

Creating Phase

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats…. And the graphic designer hat is maybe one that you don’t want to wear. While Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are really the OG graphic design softwares out there, they do have a learning curve… and let’s face it, you don’t have the time to both learn how to master a graphic design software AND do the actual designing.

So, what’s a marketer’s secret weapon for scroll-stopping and share-worthy posts?

Not only does this tool come with all types of elements that you can use for FREE, but they also come with THOUSANDS of templates to choose from that you can customize to your brand’s identity. Canva is a personal favorite of mine, and I could talk about it all day if you let me.

Publishing Phase

The last thing you need to do as a busy business owner is to have your day revolve around a small task like posting your content at a specific time.

Luckily enough, there are PLENTY of tools available for you to simply schedule your content ahead of time and forget about it! My personal favorites are Later and Sprout Social, but another great option is Facebook’s own Creator Studio.

Not only is the Creator Studio FREE, but it is capable of auto-publishing your stories AND carousels, which is something that other third-party tools can’t do due to API limitations.

Engagement Phase

Yes, posting your content on social media may be the biggest part of the job… But there’s still some work to do after that post goes live, such as manual engagement.

While it may seem like manual engagement defeats the purpose of saving time and has no real place on this blog post, it’s still crucial for your growth, which is why I’m talking about it.

To save time, there is actually a tool that streamlines the whole process and makes the engagement part of social media something easier. It’s called 1.80. This software was created following a viral Garyvee video, and it allows you to streamline the whole process of manual engagement.

Review Phase

The last part of your social media strategy is the analytics and reporting to find out what worked and what didn't work. I really don't want you to have to go through every individual post and pull out a calculator to see what your engagement rate is like… because that’s definitely not the way to go when time is so precious for you!

Instead, if you use a scheduler like the ones I mentioned in the publishing phase, then you’ll have access to ALL the important data that you need! Use this information wisely so that next month, you can recreate the content that works, and ditch the content that is simply a time-sucker.

Lastly, if you still find yourself scrambling to make your social media presence one that is worthy of being followed and engaged with by your target audience, then maybe it's time to consider delegating… And I can help you with that! Just shoot me a text at 216-640-1319.

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