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Longer Form Video 101: How to Use it Nowadays in Your Marketing

By now, you know video content is king in marketing.

But with attention span’s being at an all-time low and major platforms like Instagram and TikTok pushing short videos and rewarding content creators who push out that sort of content, you might be wondering what the heck long-form video is good for these days.

Let’s go through when and how you could be using long-form video in your marketing…

When to use long-form video

I know what you’re about to read may seem harsh, but the truth is…

No one that is NEW to your account or who doesn’t know you very well will sit down and watch a five-minute-long video of you talking.

No matter how much good information and golden nuggets you provide in that long video, newcomers just won’t listen to it until the end.

Now, read that statement again.

Notice how I say “newcomers?”

Well, that’s because long-form video content is ideal (and most impactful) when you want to spread a message to your audience that is already at the bottom of your funnel.

In other words, long-form video content is best for when you want to encourage loyalty, engagement, recall, and incite action from an audience that knows you have tons of value to provide.

Hence why they would sit down and watch a 5 to 10-minute IGTV video, for example.

How to use long-form video

A few of the ways you can use long-form video includes:

  • Podcasts and interviews

  • Short-documentaries

  • Training or mini-courses

  • Conversations

  • Webinars

But how do you do create GOOD long-form videos?

For starters, my go-to advice for anyone who wants to create captivating long-form videos is to use storytelling. For all the best storytelling practices, I highly recommend you read Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller.

My second piece of advice would be to ensure you’re providing some sort of value through your video. A good way to evaluate whether or not your video provides any type of value is to ask yourself what your audience will gain from sitting through your video.

Lastly, make sure to end your video with a clear and precise call to action.

How to determine if your video was successful

Thanks to the different analytics made available to you through platforms, you can keep track of the following metrics:

  • Watch time

  • Completion

  • Engagement

  • Follow-up on CTA

Simply pick metrics and establish KPI’s that correspond to your marketing objectives.

Are you incorporating long-form video into your content strategy in 2022? If you need help, let’s chat a bit! Shoot me an email at

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